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Welcome to Aesthetic City Consultancy

We make your city beautiful healthy sustainable long lasting human-friendly attractive resilient competitive future-proof enriching meaningful

What we do

We Do Things Differently

At Aesthetic City Consultancy, we offer unique advice and guidance to city councils, municipalities and developers looking to create vibrant, livable, and sustainable urban environments. With our focus on beauty, wellbeing, sustainability, and competitiveness, we have a different recipe, one that has been proven to work over generations. With our methods, we empower cities to reach their full potential.

Our Values


Cities have a huge impact on the health and wellbeing of residents and visitors. Our approach to cities prioritises walkability, green spaces, great cycling infrastructure and the creation of environments that promote physical and mental health.


Creating a sustainable city is about more than just adding solar panels. Our approach to sustainability incorporates making your city more beautiful and adding unique value by creating attractive places, making sure your city can withstand the test of time and reducing the need for frequent redevelopment.


Attractive and livable cities have a competitive edge in attracting investment, businesses, and residents. Our expertise in urban design helps cities stand out and become more competitive on a global stage.


Attractive and appealing urban design is a key aspect of creating vibrant and livable cities. We believe in incorporating popular, location-sensitive architecture, human friendly public spaces, and culture-sensitive design elements to bring beauty to the urban landscape.