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Ruben Hanssen

Introducing Ruben Hanssen, the driving force behind Aesthetic City Consultancy. With a background in urban planning and design, including a MSc in Urbanism and BSc in Urban Planning, Ruben has the know-how to make your city thrive. Having honed his skills at a top engineering firm, Ruben is now leading the way in urban design consulting with his unique urban design approach. Let his passion and expertise guide your city towards a brighter future.

Changing the narrative

Ruben Hanssen is an upcoming expert in urban development, driven by a passion for creating better cities. With a solid educational background in urban planning and urbanism, he brings a unique perspective and in-depth understanding to the field. As the founder of Aesthetic City Consultancy, he is dedicated to turning his ideas into tangible solutions. His strategic approach and deep knowledge of the industry make him a valuable asset to any city looking to enhance its aesthetic and functionality.

Why work with Ruben?

Academical training

Educator & Communicator

Unique vision

Fearlessly questioning conventional wisdom, Ruben exhibits a unique ability to merge time-honored design approaches with modern sensibilities. By incorporating both classic methods and cutting-edge technologies, he aims to deliver urban plans and visions that blend the finest aspects of past practices and contemporary insights.

Profound Insights

  • Has interviewed over 27 top-tier experts active in urban design, architecture, building materials & technology, public space accessibility, public participation and planning in general

Continuously Advancing Expertise

  • Dedicated to constant self-improvement, Ruben actively engages in rigorous educational experiences, such as intensive courses and self-education, to develop his unique views on Urban Design and Planning

Converting Concepts into Success Stories

Driven by a passion for turning ideas into tangible accomplishments, Ruben has successfully built and grown his own YouTube channel and platform from the ground up, amassed a following of 30,000 on Twitter, and co-founded a transformative summer school aimed at revolutionizing architectural education.

Lessons & knowledge

Learning from the best

With visits to some of the worlds’ most successful & awarded New Urbanism projects like Cayalá, Le Plessis Robinson, Poundbury, Sankt Eriksområdet, Brandevoort and Heulebrug, Ruben has seen & studied what works in person.

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